3rd Symposium 2017

3rd SMTA Symposium of the Sustainable Mountain Tourism Alliance

“Building a Meta-Network”
with a special focus on
“Tourism and the Circular Economy”

13th of January 2017 in Ostana, Valle di Po, Piedmont, Italy

See the Symposium Documentation

Upcoming 4th SMTA Symposium January 2018 candidate: South Tyrol, I

The 3rd SMTA Symposium is taking place in the community of Ostana, a good-practice example for re-building a resilient economy based on a strong vision of sustainability, a collaborative bottom-up approach, and a circular economy process where tourism is embedded with other sectors.


Workshop character
The Symposium’s character is that of a more intimate workshop (see the preliminary program) with a geographic focus on the Italian mountain context and the relation with the direct neighbouring countries France, Switzerland and Austria. After the 1st big international Symposium 2015 in Chur on existing assessment tools and labels, and the 2nd France-focused Symposium 2016 in Chamonix, this 3rd Symposium brings together primarily the Italian speaking partners and seeks to better connect with the rest of the Alpine and Scandinavian/North American initiatives in sustainable mountain development.

Focus theme
A specific focus is on existing good-practice sustainability initiatives and the potential of creating more resilient mountain economies by stepping beyond the disciplinary boundaries of tourism towards a super-connected circular economy – the “Doing” in sustainability.

Target group
Participants are from the tourism sector, from local and regional political bodies, NGOs, Universities and research centers, and from connective industry sectors (forestry, agriculture, services, renewable energy, transportation, etc.).

Language and Costs
The workshop language is English/French/Italian. There is no participation fee for the Symposium. Travel expenses are at the participants’ own costs.

Ostana in the Valle di Po, Italy, can be reached by car from the closest train stations in Torino and Pinerolo. A taxi service is organized.

To register, please send an email to network@sustainablemountaintourism.org until Dec 23rd with your name, organization, approximate arrival and departure time and date, and any specific food requests.

Symposium partners: