Objectives ’16

The objectives of this 2nd Symposium are:

1. Build a Meta-Network of existing and new organizations active in the field of sustainable development in mountain regions connected with tourism. The initial SMTA group will be extended by inviting new people on the organizing board for the creation of an extended network-based organization.

2. The presentation and official release of the SMTA report on measuring, labeling, communicating and implementing sustainability in mountain tourism, including the proceedings of the 1st SMTA Symposium in January 2015 in Chur, Switzerland.

3. Develop concrete next steps across the network of organizations with a focus on a common measuring and reporting protocol on sustainability: joint research, communication and funding.

Since our 1st Symposium in January 2015 on Measuring, Communicating and Labeling Sustainability in Mountain Tourism, we have seen a range of new developments connected to this topic: new organizations on sustainable mountain tourism have emerged and further organizations and universities have become interested in measuring sustainability in mountain communities. These great developments are however not capturing their full potential due to lack of collaboration and coordination.

Following up on the successful 1st SMTA Symposium in Chur, this 2nd Symposium focuses on the need to incubate a meta-network across the many existing actors, efforts, projects and organizations that have been existing for longer or just have recently been established. This meta-network, the SMTA, shall function as a network-based organization, with partnering organizations on the organizing board and a virtual secretariat across these board members.

Symposium partners: