Vision and Objectives

The vision of the SMTA is to have a comparable standard of quantitative sustainability assessment in mountain regions worldwide implemented and communicated, that will lead to continuous improvements of the quality of life of local people, the preservation of the natural environment, and the visitor experience.

The long-term objectives of the SMTA are:

  • Build a meta-network that connects existing initiatives to make assessment tools and labeling systems for sustainability in mountain communities with a tourism economy more widely used, comparable and transparent.
  • Make labels more comparable and thus usable by tourists as a source of information, and by the industry to allow for benchmarking, marketing and for improving their own operations.
  • Agree on a label classification system and on further developments in what and how to measure and to report as a common labelling standard.
  • Find ways to reach out to a wider public with the labels while building trust and educating on sustainability, focusing on online social media channels.